Illustration and 3D Modeling

E-mail your best guess at reference, schedule, and budget and we'll get right back to you with any questions.
Human characters are the most difficult
$50 for alterations to existing character models
$200 and up for new character models. Lower prices for non-humans and low-poly characters.
2D photo manipulation and illustration gives a lot of room to cheat.
$10 for alterations
$30 for generating new stuff.
Cheat-free 3D design. No textures, no effects, just geometry. Starting at $20. Perfect for 3D printing, custom jewelry, or Pepakura paper-craft!
Architectural pre-vis with the right balance of detail and abstraction.
Got an out-there idea? Maybe we'll work on it for fun!
Natural beauty with unnatural precision.
$60 with animations included.
Ok, real objects are expensive too.
$50 for repairs and alterations
$100 for new artifacts.

Listed prices are approximate minimums. Pricing contingent on reference, complexity, and schedule. Schedule is typically 1 week each for geometry, texturing, and animation.

All projects include:

source files
progress renders
simple animations
format conversion

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