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A few favorite links, organized for your convenience


Blender! , a much more powerful program than Carrara, and free too!
Eovia , the people that make Carrara, the program I formerly used to make most of my pictures.
Digital Carvers Guild , A bunch of useful and beneficial extensions for Carrara.
My Deviant Art , If you haven't seen enough of my work, there's some more here...
One of my better movies , sound effects by Daniel Andrews. Made when we were 16 years old.
My YouTube channel , for a bit more graphical stuff.


Ramblings , a number of the posts on my blog have audio content.
Raving , nearly all of the Project Fledgeling posts have accompanying audio.
Free Radical , an audio book reading based on the original by Shamus Young.
How I Learned , an audio book reading based on the original by Shamus Young.
The Law, by Frederic Bastiat , a not-so-venerable recording of the much more venerable original.
Music , some recordings I've made, though I can't speak to the quality.


Bible The KJV Holy Bible.
Blog! My weblog, along with my good friend Toad.
Shamus Young , a fine writer and very entertaining computer programmer and nerd. His novel, "Free Radical" is fantastic, he's written another one, "Witch Watch", and I finished writing his third book, "Fall From the Sky" which he had given up on.
Poem! A rather long poem I wrote during the summer of 2005 for my then-girlfriend. We later broke up, though probably not over the poem?
Project Fledgeling , my blog about game design, programming, AI, philosophy, etc.
My Resume . If you want to secure my services, you might want to review this first. Hundar Story My brothers and I wrote this story when we were about ten years old. I've published it as-is. It's about a boy named Hundar who has magical powers!

Cool Stuff

Project London is a volunteer driven sci-fi movie that I've contributed quite a few man hours to. Check it out! It should be awesome!
The Booher Family music camp is a great place to hang out and play music (or is it the other way around?).
McMaster-Carr , Want to fix a machine, build a factory, or anything else engineers dream of? Here's where to get the parts!
MiSUMi , When standard parts from McMaster won't do, get configurable parts here.
The House of Hozz , our sad attempt at a truly humorless "web-comic" can be found here.

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