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Functional Garage Windows

I wanted to put some hoist points in my garage, so I could lift big heavy things. So I bought a couple 4" long eye bolts, welded them shut, and added a flange for two additional 10" long bolts. Should have a working strength around one ton.

Of course, when the garage door is closed, they are pretty useless, being right next to the door. And when it's open, they are blocked.

So I cut some holes out of the aluminium sheet metal, and that gave me access to the spots where the hoist points were going to be. Then I added some sliding plexiglass windows, just to keep the wildlife out.

They slide right open.

So, that worked, but the holes looked pretty ugly. Then I made these wooden frames!

Looks much nicer!

I liked how they turned out so well, I made a similar one for the big doors in the dining room.

These are all made from a bunch of left-over wood strips that I picked up free off of Craigslist, so I haven't had to do anything to them but cut them to length and sand the corners off. The pair on the garage doors are held on with construction adhesive, but the indoor one has a few drywall screws which I've hidden behind these little caps.

Thinking about making a few more of these. We'll see if anything comes of it.

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