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Project London Blender Models

The Paul Spooner Files

Download Blender Rigs from the Spiral Productions movie, Project London! Download these rigs and put them to good use. Make your own movies with them. All we ask is that you respect the Creative Commons Attribution ShareAlike 3.0 Unported License. What does that mean? It means you can use these rigs in any project you want as long as you apply the same Creative Commons License to your work and give us credit for our contribution. That's it. Have fun!

Download the Models

These models are provide as-is, with no guarantee that they will work. With that said, they worked when we packed them up! All models are made by Paul Spooner for Project London. Most of the textures came from CG Textures but are included in the files. Some of the models are not textured very well. Some are not rigged very well. These are more "functional" than user friendly. Use at your own risk etc.

Arizona Cockpit

The cockpit of the AZ Exosuit
Shows up a couple times, first when Arizona is piloting and later when Nebraska steps up.

Barge Lifter

A lesser seen lifter, provided sans textures
I think it only shows up once, for a few frames at Icarias.

BEAM Satellite

A space laser of alien design
Plot device IN SPACE.

ISO Container

A boring old ISO box metal, rust, paint
May show up elsewhere, but this is the starring sequence.

JC Fleet 1

Massive Joint Command lifters, of doom!
These show up a few times starting here.

JC Fleet 2

Massive Joint Command lifters, of gloom!
These show up a few times starting here.

JC Lobby

Joint Command Tower Lobby
Used for exactly twenty seconds of footage. I also worked on the exterior courtyard seen before and after these shots, but that was mostly other people.

PL Tower

Project London Tower
Concept: Ian Hubert
Appears intermitently, but most prominently when it crashes in the sound.

Little Lifter

A tiny little lifter with tiny little wings
Never made it into the movie, as far as I can tell.

Little Lifter, Motorcycle Jet by dudecon on Sketchfab

Police Lifter

Three mode transforming police lifter of awesome
Appears a few places, but most prominently the arrest scene, this chase sequence, and when Dominic finally cracks where we see it transform up close.

Other models from the movie can be found on the official Project London Blender Model page. I'd love to see what you do with them, so tweet me @dudecon or send me an e-mail,

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