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Paul Spooner's Author Page

I've been writing fiction since I was about ten years old. Below you can find most of my major projects. I've put some of my writing tools online as well.

Fall From the Sky

A novel-length science fiction story that Shamus Young started, and I finished, 2013-2014. I also did a reading of what I consider to be the best parts of the book.


A fantasy story I wrote with my brother when I was 10, back around 1994. Unfinished, but with a solid first arc.

Midnight Castle

A poem I wrote during the summer of 2005 for my then-girlfriend. We later broke up, though probably not over the poem?

Among Mansions

A very short story I wrote for a 100 word story contest. Illustrated by Midjourney.

HOZZ Short Stories

A few short stories, in a plot wiki which I worked on with my brothers.

From the Pit

A short story my wife wrote when she was twelve, and I expanded on when we were dating in late 2008.

Surreal Battle

An informal collaborative story written on a forum back in the mid 1990s.

Links to other websites where I've written stuff

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Gaming Blog

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Audio Book Narrations

Here are the audio books I've narrated. Note that I am not the author of these books.

The Holy Bible

The full text of the KJV bible, of which I have narrated a few chapters.

Free Radical

A "smooth grit" science fiction novel by Shamus Young, written as a fan fiction expanding the story of the computer game System Shock. The original text is available here.

How I Learned

The published version of Shamus Young's autobiography, contains some children noises in the background.

The Law, by Frederic Bastiat

A not-so-venerable recording of the much more venerable original political pamphlet.

A Radiance in the Gulag, by Nijole Sadunaite

The full text and audiobook of a personal account of life in Soviet occupied Lithuania.

Shadiversity "Chronicles of Everfall - Shadow of the Conqueror" full book review reading

If you prefer to read the 19k word review yourself, you can find the full text here.

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