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Maychoria Book Illustrations

A friend I met in online Latin classes wrote a fantasy story set in Maychoria which I read. Although I wasn't particularly impressed with the story, I was eager then (as now) to contribute my CG skills to interesting projects. Here's what came of all that effort.

If you have comments or feedback, feel free to leave it here. If you'd like to commission a custom 3D model, I can help you with that.

The Pictures

The story featured a locket described as pictured below.

In Chapter 1 of the story, the protagonist (or at least the viewpoint character) gets teleported to another world by a magical golden portal orb, pictured below. These days Truck Kun is the prefferred method of such travel, though IIRC it wouldn't have worked out for Sarah because (spoilers) she actually comes back at the end!

At one point an enchantress puts a bunch of guards to sleep

This was supposed to be one of the castles described in the book.

I also made a bunch of 3D Maps of Maychoria, or is it Madra? Anyway, here are my copies of them, in case the old versions hosted on angelfire go down eventually.

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