The Mushroom Village

To the brave explorer,
You are about to embark on an adventure, have fun discovering the little world that I made, just don't get's a jungle out there!

To navigate around, click the little mushroom buttons: left, right, and top.

Click Here To Begin

Below is an overview of the game zone. You start in the field in the upper left-hand corner.


This game was inspired partly by Myst, partly by the Smurfs, and partly by spending a lot of time running around in the deep grass behind my house as a child. I did the exterior area first (you should have seen it before!) back around 1998. The mushroom in the center was the first to be populated, maybe a few months later, with more interiors added slowly. There are currently two mushrooms with interiors, and an underground area as well (added perhaps around 2000). Perhaps I will get back to this at some point and finish the other two mushrooms, but it's on hold for now. Really, I'd like to re-do the whole thing, as I've learned a ton since I started this project. In the meantime, I hope you enjoy my very primitive still-based exploration game. Much thanks to my friend Dan for doing most of the programming.
I've added a number of descriptions here and there. Perhaps it will help you to see what it all means.

And, for fun, here are a few of my favorite views, and the last isn't in the game at all! Bonus content!

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