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The Mushroom Village(s)

Mushroom Village Game Mk 2

Same interface as the first (below). No gameplay, just walking around. You can download the Blender V3.0.1 source file for Mushroom Village Mk2 for free (only 767 KB). Made Feb 26-27 of 2022. If you have thoughts about this project, you can leave a comment on the Blender Artists Mushroom Village Thread.

To the brave explorer,
You are about to embark on an adventure, have fun discovering the little world that I made, just don't get's a jungle out there!

Click Here To Begin Playing the Mushroom Village Game

Below is an overview of the game zone. You start in the field in the upper left-hand corner.


This game was inspired partly by Myst, partly by the Smurfs, and partly by spending a lot of time running around in the deep grass behind my house as a child. I did the exterior area first (you should have seen it before!) back around 1998. The mushroom in the center was the first to be populated, maybe a few months later, with more interiors added slowly. There are currently two mushrooms with interiors, and an underground area as well (added perhaps around 2000). Perhaps I will get back to this at some point and finish the other two mushrooms, but it's on hold for now. Really, I'd like to re-do the whole thing, as I've learned a ton since I started this project. In the meantime, I hope you enjoy my very primitive still-based exploration game. Much thanks to my friend Dan for doing most of the programming.
I've added a number of descriptions here and there. Perhaps it will help you to see what it all means.

And, for fun, here are a few of my favorite views, and the last isn't in the game at all! Bonus content!

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