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My Non-syndicated site update list

Last Updated: 2016-03-03, A client sent in pictures of a 3d printed mask that he made from a model he commissioned from me. Great to see some real progress being made on one of these! Oh, and I wrote a book.

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Update: 2016-02-28, A couple more pieces in the Commission Gallery. Plus a long over-due photo of the engraving on the pan pipes. Also, a delicious pun picture... man it's been a long time since I've done one of those!

Update: 2015-06-20, Added another page of images to the Commission Gallery. Mostly minor commissions that I hadn't put images up for yet.

Update: 2015-05-18, Motorcycle light spines are powered now.

Update: 2015-04-24, Home page updated after about a hundred years.

Update: 2015-04-04, The world-building wiki for my (now defunct) webcomic House of HOZZ is now available for browsing.

Update: 2015-03-22, Hey look, I made a bridge (if you can call it that). It took me, like, a couple hours. Also some sort of metal thing.

Update: 2015-02-22, New gallery for my motorcycle mods. Also put a bunch of stuff in the home improvement gallery.

Update: 2014-12-14, New gallery with a few home improvement project photos.

Update: 2014-08-10, I've released everything I've made to the public domain. That includes all the stuff on this website!

Update: 2014-07-08, Another audio book done, Free Radical, by Shamus Young.

Update: 2014-06-03, I found the first images from Curiosity Rover a bit boring, so I colorized them and added some lights for fun. Then I did the same for a friend's KSP spacecraft.

Update: 2014-05-31, Made a couple My Little Pony, Friendship is Magic (MLP:FIM) desktop backgrounds featuring Canterlot Castle and Cloudsdale as seen from a distance.

Update: 2014-05-22, Uploaded a few old images to the Miscellaneous CG Gallery and created a new gallery for Edited Photos with a few old images as well.

Update: 2014-02-08, Made a pot hanging thing for my kitchen. I also improved the photo-journal page. You're welcome!

Update: 2013-08-10, Finished a commission for a 3d model of some armor for fabrication via pepakura.

Update: 2013-05-10, Started building a Tree Fort in my back yard. It's not done yet, but you can look at it anyway. Also, updated the non syndicated date format from mm/dd/yyyy to yyyy-mm-dd.

Update: 2012-09-17, Another recorded reading of a book, this time The Law, by Bastiat, an excellent primer on proper government. Made for my Dad's birthday, but you can listen too if you like.

Update: 2012-07-31, Finished a set of jewelry for my wife. They turned out great! 3D modeled by me and printed by Shapeways.

Update: 2012-05-22, Designed a mirror satellite. That's pretty much it.

Update: 2012-05-10, I made a knot around a ball bearing, and then modeled it in 3d. If that kind of thing interests you, take a look at the sphere knot. Also, I made a 3D model of Chief from the Goblins webcomic (one of my favorites, check it out).

Update: 2012-02-19, Uploaded a Crystal Chamber scene for a friend's D&D campaign. Had a lot of fun designing and modeling this one, plus making a custom Blender script to generate the crystals.

Update: 2012-02-04, Finished a custom silver ring for my wife. Also, pictures of the aforementioned... So you can be awed, I guess? Oh, you can also buy one from Shapeways.

Update: 2012-01-30, I recorded a reading of Shamus Young's book "How I learned". It's a free audio book! What more can you ask for?

Update: 2011-10-28, Released a bunch of Free Blender Models that I made for Project London.

Update: 2011-09-24, A photo journal about the Ferrocement Bridge I built is now available. Check it out!

Update: 2011-07-05, Added a download page for the Blender format Monarch butterfly 3D model, along with some of the source pictures we took. The renders are still here though, in the gallery. Also, more script aided crystals.

Update: 2011-05-20, Broke the Minecraft script page into a code page and a photojournal page. Also, MCEdit is now supported! Check it out!

Update: 2011-05-16, Added a photo journal chronicling the ferrocement mushroom project.

Update: 2011-05-03, Added some pictures of a Necklace I made based on our family crest. It was a Christmas gift for my Mom when I started it. Happy Mother's Day!

Update: 2011-04-06, Updated the Mushroom Village Game with some text notes. Should make exploring it a bit more interesting.

Update: 2011-04-02, Updated the Minecraft scripts page again with a Beta version of the StarStone script (much improved, actually flings dirt now!) and a new one, WizardMountain which allows you to tear up mountains out of the ground.

Update: 2011-03-21, Updated the Minecraft scripts page with a Beta version of the Forester script (also needs the new interface module). Also got some final renders from Squiggs for the Winged sword that we collaborated on.

Update: 2011-03-09, Uploaded some commission work, a suit of sci-fi armor from a computer game.

Update: 2011-01-07, Added a gallery for some architecture visualization work I've done.

Update: 2010-08-28, The Tetrahedral Planetoid model is finished for now. I'm working on a script to do the heavy lifting, and generate new ones of different geometries from scratch. Speaking of scripts, I wrote one to make crystals of all shapes. Still working on the "all" part.

Update: 2010-08-04, Getting very close to finishing the Tetrahedral Planetoid model. All that's left are the parts you can't see!

Update: 2010-02-25, Finished a sword project for Daniel Papke. It's for an Oblivion mod.

Update: 2010-02-20, New script for Blender, Meta Machine. Still in development, but there are a few screenshots.

Update: 2010-01-31, I'm a daddy! My new daughter Leahana, and friends.

Update: 2009-10-24, I modeled a Monarch butterfly based on a real one my wife found.

Update: 2009-08-21, New commission 3d modeling service available. It's up on the main menu too.

Update: 2009-08-05, Bunch of new stuff, in the CG art section! There's a shell, some more escher-esque modeling, a steam-punk lab, and a passion flower.

Update: 2008-11-14, New cg image, Space Trip which is kind of a new style for me. Check it out!

Update: 2008-10-21, Uploaded a stack of photos of David's Wedding and my trip to Seattle.

Update: 2008-09-10, Made 21 more d6 out of stainless steel.

Update: 2007-11-09, New picture, kind of abstract w/ sweet caustic effects.

Update: 2007-10-18, Created a new gallery for my 3d pictures based on other's concept art. There is a pair of new "fusion core" images there. I've also updated "Freedom" a few times.

Update: 2007-10-02, Made a d6 out of stainless steel as well as a number of 3d pictures.

Update: 2007-06-07, Finished the gauntlet project! Hooray!

Update: 2007-04-28, Finished a guy with a gatling gun. He now guards the CG pictures.

Update: 2007-04-07, Added Valley of the Spire pictures to the gallery.

Update: 2007-03-07, Added pictures to the CG Art section, especially the "Cottage Pictures" album. Also added some text to a few pictures. (the gallery should be sorting by date modified, so they will be near the front).

Update: 2005-08-29, Made a small tribute page to the Great Teacher Largo from the Megatokyo webcomic.