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Physical Projects

This is the place I upload pictures of physical projects (contrasted with primarily digital projects). These are just the smaller projects. For larger endeavors visit my:

Photojournal Page

These are larger projects that warrant their own descriptive photojournal. Although, with the new image gallery format, the distinction is becoming somewhat irrelevant.


Hand Made cold-worked Plate Metal Gauntlets


House at Meadow Lane

Custom Jewelry

Rings and earrings modeled from a sketch and printed in silver.


It's another new computer 2019-04-16, plus a few more.


Making things mostly out of wood


Our house in Camarillo

Metal Dice

I made some dice out of metal


Pictures of Spooner Crest related projects

Pan Pipes

A simple wind instrument that I fabricated from stainless steel

Stained Glass Lantern

A battery or wall powered LED retrofit of a stained glass lantern


House at Via Presidio

Septa Crypt

A seven sided container, also cryptic


House on Berkshire Drive


Modifying my 2003 Yamaha YZF-R6R

3D Prints

Three Dimensional Printing stuff


Picatinny Rail on an infrared thermometer

An RPG Map for the Town of "Hardby" which I made for my Pondermull D&D campaign that I was writing and running. I also did a much more extensive map of the capital and a few other cities, but those have been lost somehow.

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