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Sometimes, a stock motorcycle just isn't cool enough. It started out as a fairly standard 2003 Yamaha YZF-R6R, and went sideways from there into christmas tree ziptie territory.
Video here: Light Spine Night Ride. I later made a video of the engine redlining when I was trying to sell it.
The light spines are driven by an arduino. Both the old code and the new code are available for download, along with the 3d printed enclosure top and bottom. You can even have the PCB design file, so you can buy your own at!

I occasionally do handyman work along with other physical products. If you'd like to commission a custom build, I can help you with that.

The motorcycle all put together and finished. Yamaha R6 with custom lights, and UV pumped glow rims.

Electrical Enclosure all closed up.

The light control printed circuit board bolted into the bottom half of the enclosure.

Light Board installed

Enclosure 3D printed box base. The 3d printed base of the electrical enclosure. There are hex nuts captured in each pillar which were installed during printing.

Tryop Light Spines active, view from front.

Spine Lights. Both kinds are LEDs. The purple ones are UV, also known as black-light.

Raw PCBs, and one with components soldered on, or "populated" as they say in the Printed Circuit Board industry. They were fabricated custom by Express PCB, who did a great job, and provide free PCB design software. The board is basically a shield for an Arduino Micro to allow it to control 12 banks of LEDs in 6 independent pairs of PWM channels.

Light Spine breadboard test to make sure the circuit design is operational. The yellow and UV LEDs have different current requirements, which is why the circuit board has different population sides.

Motorcycle LED Whiskers

Motorcycle LED Whiskers

Motorcycle LED Whiskers

Motorcycle LED Whiskers

Motorcycle LED Whiskers

I put the Tryop logo on my motorcycle wind screen

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