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Paul Spooner's Computer Art

It's my CG art gallery! In here you can find a bunch of visual stuff I've made on the computer.

If you have comments or feedback, feel free to leave it here. If you'd like to commission a custom 3D model, I can help you with that.


All the pictures I made from other people's concept art, whether paid commissions, or simply for fun and excercise.

Tetrahedral Planetoid

A 3D model of Escher's classic

Project London 3D Models

Most of the 3D models I made for Ian Hubert's feature film.

Monarch Butterfly 3D Model


A bunch of stuff that doesn't fit into any other category.


Examining the style of particular artists with the assistance of AI.

AI Art

Using AI to create images.

Blender Scripts


Photo Hack

Unlike most else, these are purely 2D image manipulation pictures

Tramp Destroyer

I turned a piece of bark into a meticulously planned science fiction starship.


A few random pictures from Table-top Role Playing Games I've been involved with.


A few images I made for a friend's RPG


Sphere Knot

I tied a rope around a big steel sphere, and then made a 3D model of it for some reason.


Some sort of Hobbit Hole House

3D Prints

Three Dimensional Printing stuff

Old CG Stuff

A bunch of my 3D models from before 2006, when I switched to using Blender and started to git gud.


The most iconic of my old CG pictures, touched up a bit. Something about this grassy water droplet of a world calls to me. Swim on space fish!

I tried a AI style study of this one, but it did not go particularly well.

Something of an outlier among my works. I've never quite made anything else like it either before or since. Sure, there are plenty of 3D Models of spaceships, but this one stands out as something unique, at least among my portfolio.
So unique that I did an AI art study of the Space Trip image below.

Columnar Bassalt, and too much Escher inspired... whatever this is. Floating space island city garden thing. And what's with the glowing red pits?

Created for the weekend challenge with the focus of "freedom". This piece is the first image I ever made where I did all the steps you're supposed to do. Value thumbnails, color thumbnails, rough layout, detailed modeling, texturing, lighting, post-processing. I had always skipped steps before, especially the early ones. With this piece I forced myself to do everything properly, and it paid off. Not only did I win the contest, but I proved to myself that I could make something good if I was willing to put in the work. I made many other submissions to the contest over the years, but this was the breakthrough piece for me. It's not that great by objective standards, but compared to everything I made before it this was a huge leap.

You can download the candlestick from this image for free below:

Snake Candlestick by dudecon on Sketchfab

A poem I wrote years ago, with illustrations that vaguely gesture toward what I'm getting at. I've done some AI studies of the Dreams of Night image as well.

Oh, and I still think the third to last line should be "snug betwixt the jaws of night." but it performed poorly with my friends at the time.

I just like the vivid colors of this one. Made as a test image when I built yet another computer.

A UV Suit I made in response to a tweet by Notch. You can purchase these items here.

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