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3D Models based on Others Concept Art

These pictures are based on other people's concept art. Many of my best works are actually someone else's work that I've merely translated into 3d. Much of my commission work can be found in here among the for-fun stuff.

If you have comments or feedback, feel free to leave it here. If you'd like to commission a custom 3D model, I can help you with that.

Star Wars Troopers

It started out as just the Sith Trooper from the original Knights of the Old Republic game, but now includes 3D models of a bunch of different Imperial trooper armor commissioned by Kaminoan Customs.


Commissioned Jewelry models, my personal jewelry projects are here.

Game Characters

Low-poly characters rigged for games

Winged Sword

Oblivion mod sword for Daniel Papke


Visualization of architecture projects

Cute Adventurers

Some tiny colored 3D printed guys

Lion Head

A 3d model of a lion head

Low-Poly Minifigs

Small figures with an intentionally low detail level

Rodent Mech

Bunny themed mech suit. Or maybe rat themed?

Daft Punk Cufflinks

Gold and silver cufflinks based on the Daft Punk helmets

Power Ranger Helmets

A few Power Ranger helmet reproductions

Chief Goblin

3D model of "Chief" from the Goblins webcomic

Axel Chakrams

Chakram weapon model for the character Axel from Kingdom Hearts

Tri Phial

A low-volume travel cosmetics holder

Jhin Mask

A client makes a LOL mask

Wendy Room

A room in an old barn

Good Robot

Good Robot video-game fanart


My Little Pony, Friendship is Magic fanart

Winter Child Armor

Pepakura targeted armor model, The Winter Child

Girl Genius

Scene(s) from the Girl Genius (web)comic

Project London

3D models I made for the Project London movie. They aren't really based on other people's concept art, and I didn't get paid to make them, but it was a commission of a sort.

Spaceman Spiff Red Space Saucer Ship by dudecon on Sketchfab

Commander Keen Space Ship by dudecon on Sketchfab


The client wanted a correctly sized (about twice the size of the original) Lugnut from the original transformers animated series. So that's what he got! Based on a model procured from Etsy, and then significantly modified.
Here's a video of the Lugnut 3D model in motion. And here is the client's build log journaling making the Lugnut 3D print. The "atomic" color variant is shown:

Shoulder detail of the Lugnut Transformer 3D print with inset Decepticon logos. I think these came from Thingiverse.

Uncolored 3D print:

2017 - 2020

A client wanted to 3d print the Starcraft Ghost Dropship. so I made this for him. He wanted to do the details himself, because he couldn't afford my services for that part. There's a spaceship modeling video of me finishing up some details that he didn't pay for.

The client wanted a low-poly model suitable for papercraft. I made a video about the Waverider design which I do not consider an exemplar. The client later ordered updates to the model to make it suitable for 3D printing as a detailed miniature and then released the 3D models for anyone to use.

My Mom made the sketch on the right, as an idea for her company logo. I turned it into the logo on the left. Final delivery was raster, vector, and 3D solid model. You can
buy a 3d printed version of the logo here.

Master Chief's helmet from Halo Infinite. This model was commissioned by a client, who is now selling actual cast versions of this helmet! They are available for purchase here.

This character model commission is for use in Tabletop Simulator.

This League of Legends Camille figurine and base is designed for 3d printing.

Halo helmet 3D model from the Jorge character, also commissioned for casting by Spork Salad Creations.

Halo helmet 3D model from the Master Chief character, also commissioned for casting by Spork Salad Creations.

Client was looking for a 3D printed sword model, so all the fancy rendering was unnecessary. The blade has a round hole for a dowel in the center. Design based on Trunks' sword from DBZ.

Bastard Sword by dudecon on Sketchfab

Client wanted to fabricate the Superman Spaceship from some old movie, and needed a Pepakura-compatible model. Here's what I came up with! Yes, the pockets are missing from the bottom, that was by request.

The client for Taru-chan commissioned this model with some fairly detailed concept art. Very Loli Anime style. Unfortunately, he never paid for the model (didn't like how the face turned out or something).

Taru-chan by dudecon on Sketchfab

Client commissioned a set of rigged 3d body scans for vr puppetry. Mission accomplished!

Client approached me looking for a Christmas gift. They were lovely to work with, prompt with communication, really helpful with concept art, and really positive and constructive. The sculpture turned out pretty neat as a model, and the 3d print process worked perfectly!

I was looking at various door vendors and I came across this page, which I thought was just too sad, so I made a better version and sent it them.

Large Wooden Double Door by dudecon on Sketchfab

As of this writing, they haven't updated their website yet.

The client wanted a 3d-printable model of their OC, "Black Blossom" so I made just that!

The client had some really solid concept art for this one. It makes a big difference!
If you don't have concept art, I can always generate some for you with an AI image generator.

Client sent 2d reference and asked for a model for 3D print. Reference and resultant geometry are overlayed below.

Client sent me concept art of their character, and I started on a 3d model. Unfortunately, they stopped responding to e-mails, so the project stalled at this phase.

Client sent me a concept drawing (not shown) and a 3d scan of his head. This is the resulting 3d model of the helmet, designed for 3d printing and tailored specifically to his head.

I was commissioned to make a geometry-only 3D model of this gun from Destiny 2 so someone could 3D print it and make a prop reproduction. It was supposed to be as accurate as possible. The engraving took way too long.
I made a video of the working cylinder release mechanism as well.

I was asked for geometry only of a cartoon character head, with the attached reference picture, and this is what I made.

3d printed parts for the Ellen Ripley watch from the Aliens movie.
Watch body designed after the Casio F-100 and watch surround are available for purchase through the links!
It turns out that this one commission (and the resultant variants (video)) has resulted in a surprising amount of repeat business from various people purchasing the 3D printed watch surround.

A returning client approached me with a drawing of this sword hilt, and some reference shots. They had been drawing it in their web comic, and wanted to improve the perspective rendering. The model is for geometry reference, but could also be used for 3D printing as well.

Two Handed Sword by dudecon on Sketchfab

2007 - 2016

A 2d animator wanted to step up his game, and had a set of 3d models made to use as reference to make sure unconventional angle shots were consistent.

Batman has a mech I guess? Commission I completed for a client who wanted to make a Batsuit using Pepakura.

It's Lord Shaxx! Fully textured and poly-count reduced. Much thanks to for the base geometry. Commission completed!

Client wanted his OC anime character modeled for 3d printing, animation, etc. Project is stalled due to loss of funding, but the model is basically done.

Render of the Project London Arizona Exosuit cockpit.
All of my Project London models are available for download for free!

The word "Superman" in Kanji. My wife Anna came up with the design. This was back when we were living in Japan.

Ascent Pod, a rough landing vessel. Ended up in a movie for a short rocket takeoff FX shot for the Prospect pilot, which later was turned into a feature-length film.

Cover Image for a Miner's Corner Art Proposal I wrote. Follow the link for more pictures in the PDF. The proposal was ultimately rejected, and the city of Bothell installed some abstract glass thing instead.

This was an interesting commission request. The client worked at a lumber mill, and wanted to make a "gauntlet" for grasping logs and transferring the strain of pulling them directly to the shoulders to reduce stress injuries. The project fell through when the insurance lawyers at the mill objected that it might prevent you from letting go of the log if something went wrong. Lawyers man; They ruin everything.

A client approached me in a screaming hurry asking for a replacement mask for an on-stage "Foxx" character. I whipped this up in a half hour, and then never heard from them again. Hopefully they are all fine?

Client sent me a sketch of his logo and wanted it turned into 3D. He got what he asked for.

Sub-sea habitat module for an ocean colony concept. I've been trying to pitch ocean colony ideas for years, and this is probably the most convincing swing I've taken since the Seastead visualizations.

One of my very first commissions. The client had a design patent (!) on this object that presents the star of david, the cross, and the star and crescent when viewed from the three orthagonal directions. The Ecumenisphere is meant to represent the idea that all three Abrahamic religions are essentially different perspectives on the same fundamental ideas. I personally disagree with the idea, but I made the model anyhow.

In return, the client mailed me a beautiful hollow Rhombic triacontahedron which he made of thin pieces of wood which he called a "woodbubble" and a lovely thank you letter typed on an old-fashioned typewriter. What a fascinating old man!

My Dad plays the bass violin, and one of his old ones broke. I made this concept as a suggestion for how he could skeletonize it to convert it into an electric bass violin. In the end I did it with an aramid fiber cable and a turnbuckle, but this was a good first step.

An avatar from the 20 sided forums for the Narratorway user.

An avatar from the 20 sided forums for the Ygor user.

Sword Avatar, made for one of the regulars on the Blender Artists forum.

A client approached me with a .obj model of a mask (Juggernaut from Dota2) that he was looking to turn into a costume. I was able to tweak the geometry to fit his head, as well as offset the surfaces to leave room to build it up to the correct size. Imported into Pepakura (a papercraft software) without a fuss.

Based on a picture by Craig Mullins. Amazing what a simple model and a good texture can do. Also, I love SSS, even though it isn't quite right in Blender yet.

Unknown Sword based on some unknown concept art. I really have entirely forgotten where this concept art came from, but having discovered it years later, I decided to make a 3D model of it. It's a really terrible design, but oddly visually arresting.

Fantasy Sword, thorn spikes by dudecon on Sketchfab

Entry to the "Awesome Challenge" on the BlenderArtists forum, trying to replicate Tor Olav Kristensen's well known POV-Ray image in Blender. I don't think I ended up winning the challenge, but I like how it turned out anyway. The caustics are lovely.

A "Fusion Core" 3D model Based on this picture by Startitan. Quite fun to model! A lot of the detail is in the texture, which I don't generally prefer.

This guy comes directly from the gallery of Morriperkele at DeviantART. Modeled and rendered in Blender, textures and some color re-balancing in the Gimp.
As you can see, this guy has a really big gatling (or "mini") gun. The helmet is the largest departure from the the original sketch, at the request of Morriperkele. This one might look rather dumb, but at least it's different. The Blender 3D model of the guy and the gatling gun is available for free.

Old Commission Galleries

These were all made before 2008 when I started charging for commission work. Quality not guranteed!

The Sacul Starship

My first big commission job, before I was charging for commissions

Tokyo Police Cataclysm Division

Fan models I made of the police mech from the Megatokyo webcomic

Explicitly Christian CG

Based on Christian imagery

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