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Hi, I'm Paul Spooner, a Catholic second-rate renaissance man who doesn't believe in intellectual property. If you'd like to help defray the costs of making freely-available digital goods of various kinds, consider making a regular donation.

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Family Info

Old photo from 2021, we'll have to post a new one soon.

What are you using the money for?

My income goes toward living expenses, which is about $2,000 a month right now.

Wait, how many kids do you have?

Eight. The oldest is twelve years older than the youngest (within a couple weeks).

And you can get by on just $2k a month?

We live pretty frugally, and we recently moved to an area with lower living expenses. So, yes!
Of course, if we made more it would mean we could take family trips to national parks, go visit family and friends, and buy a couple more computers so the kids can all play games together.

What do you do with your free time?

I'm pretty creative, so I don't like wasting my lesiure. Here's a bunch of projects I've done in my free time.

I like doing 3D modeling. I've done dramatic readings of books, articles , and rambles on various topics. I improvise (mostly on the piano) as well as sing both solo and in a chorale. I also like writing my own lyrics. I even made a terrible music video! I maintain three blogs, wrote a 120K-word science-fiction novel (building on the work of Shamus Young with whom I also co-host a weekly podcast) and have another book in the works. I've also written some long-form poetry. I've done a number of 3d modeling commissions and collaborations, one of which was a feature length movie. I maintain my own website, mess with Python, wrote some code for Minecraft, and enjoy crafting parametric geometry. I like making real life objects as well, including ferrocement structures and sculptures, tree forts, woodcarving, and plate armor. I also act, and have starred as the mad king Macbeth, the crazy nephew Teddy, the murderous king Claudius, and a few others. My YouTube channel accumulates a bunch of miscellaneous content, including a reading of an epic poem, 3d animation, projects, Satisfactory gaming, travel to Singapore, and home videos.

My wife also is pretty creative. When she's not caring for the kids, she bakes, cooks, sews, paints, and gardens, along with a bit of woodworking and other crafts.

Can't I just give you a one-time gift?

Sure, you could make a one-time contribution here if you prefer.

Are you on any "real" subscription sites?

I also have a Patreon page if you feel more comfortable there.

Thanks for your interest, and God bless.
Paul Spooner P.E.

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